About PSNFans

PSNFans covers the downloadable content that Sony and its partners offer because we believe digital distribution is the future. An admittedly young service, the PlayStation Network opens the gaming medium to developers of all inspirations and sizes, paving the pixels for creative innovation. We aim to do justice to the impressive content on the PlayStation Network by combining accurate, reliable reporting with insightful, grammatically correct writing. Our mission, foremost, is fun – preserving the one element that keeps us coming back to interactive entertainment in all its forms.

We take a unique approach in our reviews as well. We believe that defined numbers don’t really tell you what you need to know. If a friend asked you to rate a game how would you do it? Would you really sit back and say “It’s an 8.5/10″? No of course not, no one would. The description of the game would develop into what was good and what was bad; hitting mostly on the highlights and lowlights. And in the end they would want to know if it’s worth buying. Should they try it instead, or just skip it?

That is what our Editorial Staff at PSNFans tries to accomplish with our reviews. We want them to feel like a friend was writing to them in a way that actually gives them what they would want from a review. Unlike a lot of sites, we’ll answer questions in the comments; prompting the creation of a dialog about the game. At PSNFans, we do our reviews for our readers benefit, not for ours.

What does each score mean:

Buy It: In general, everyone can find something to enjoy from this game. Unless you know ahead of time you absolutely hate the genre, you can pick this up without any concern for its quality or level of fun.

Try It: In general, the game has enough wrong with it that it won’t appeal to everyone. If you enjoy the genre of the game or notice it still sounds interesting after we have detailed all the negative parts, you should definitely give it a look. Every game comes with a trial version–use them to your advantage.

Skip It: Honestly, these are the games we play so that no one else has to waste their time or money. We highly recommend avoiding them.

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