Ragnarock Odyssey- Cards, Class and Release Date

It’s open season on giants and Ragnarok Odyssey on the PS Vita lets you hunt to your hearts content. In the action RPG from XSEED, choose from six job classes and utilize the game’s robust card system to shape the perfect beast slaying, giant smashing, and monster-crushing mercenary.

Ragnarok Odyssey uses a card system similar to its MMO predecessor, Ragnarok Online. The card system allows the player to enhance equipment allowing the player to customize the stats and abilities of their mercenary. Where does one find such enhancing artifacts? Why off the corpses of slain enemies of course. Armor allows for specific Card Capacity, so maintaining and upgrading armor is recommended to get the most out of this feature.

Cards alone do not a mercenary make. Thankfully, six job classes allow players to choose their preferred method of getting into the action. The Sword Warrior, Hammersmith, Mage, Assassin, Hunter and Cleric should cover the fantasy action gamut; giving the player plenty of ways deal death to their foes.

The Sword Warrior offers a balance of offense and defense and ease of access for beginners. The Hammersmith brings power with devastating two-handed hammer attacks, but sacrifices the ability to block incoming attacks for great power.  Prefer speed to raw power? The Assassin uses agile moves and stylish grace to take down bad guys while the Hunter hangs back and sends volleys arrows into the fray. Waggle your finger for elemental destruction as the Mage.  Finally, what fantasy game would be complete without the healing powers of the Cleric?

Set your sights for frost giant dismemberment later this month as Ragnarok Odyssey arrives on October 30th.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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