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Strider stabs it’s way onto the PlayStation Network today

Strider was one of Capcom’s first major hits, even before the times of Street Fighter II. Making its way from the arcades, to home consoles, Strider was the fast paced ninja assassin people had been waiting for. Flash forward 15 years and Capcom takes us back to the days when side scrolling 2D action platformers were at their best.

Sticking to what made Strider so popular, Double Helix has remade the beloved game with updated graphics, leaving everything you loved from the original still intact. They have brought back the dangerous Kazakh city, where you must slash, dash and perform death defying acrobatic jumps to survive. Double Helix has also added two new modes: Beacon Run, which presses you to speed run from check point to check point while you beat the game; Survival Mode, which gives you different load outs as wave after wave of enemies are sent your way.

You can pick this up today on the PlayStation Network for $14.99 on both the PS3 and PS4. Will you be picking this up, did you like the original, let us know in the comments.


Dustforce hits the PlayStation Store today

Ever wanted to clean up the world, while looking cool pulling off death defying acrobatics the whole time? US TOO! Thanks to QLOC over at Capcom, your wait is over. Dustforce hits the PlayStation Store for just $9.99 on both the PS Vita and PS3.

In this “momentum based action-platformer” you play as a janitor–who seems to have been taught how to clean by a ninja–trying to rid the world of dirt. You will have to jump, wall run and fight your way through each level as you focus on finding and cleaning all of the dust. Boasting 56 single player levels, 10 multiplayer levels for up to four players and over 100 more maps available for download, Dustforce is offering plenty to keep you busy.

Will you be downloading Dustforce today and clean the world, let us know in the comments below. If you’re still on the fence, make sure to check out the trailer above.

Source: Press Release


The Walking Dead: 400 Days coming very soon.

The Walking Dead is an amazing story about people in a post zombie apocalyptic world trying to survive. Season 1 brought us many thrills, some heartbreaks and tons of heavy hitting decisions. Each decision weighing in on who lives, who dies, who you trust and who may trust you-none of your actions or answers can be made lightly. To top off all this, you must make these decisions in a timely manner or your lack of an answer will be an answer in itself.

Now Telltale Games is back with an additional episode for Season 1 called 400 Days, which is exactly the length of time that passes in this new DLC. In the new episode you will not see Lee and Clementine (they will be back for Season 2), but instead will play as five different individuals that exist in the surrounding world. All of these stories will intersect with each other and can be played in any order you choose, allowing you to pick you own path. Decision made in Season 1 will effect you in 400 Days, and depending on your decisions as you play through, could effect Season 2.

No word on an official release date yet, but we do know it should be within the next two weeks and will only cost $4.99 at launch.


Ethan: Meteor Hunter coming later this summer

In September of 2012 development studio Hydravision (Alone in the Dark) shut down, they were working on a new title called Ethan: Meteor Hunter. Instead of letting that new vision die with the old studio, seven guys from Hydravison bought the rights to the IP and started their own studio. The new studio–appropriately named Seven Studio–has been tooling away for the last 8 months or so to bring Ethan to life and into the hands of the public.

You play as Ethan, a rat who has specials powers after getting hit by small pieces of a meteor. Ethan: Meteor Hunter is a platform puzzler, forcing you to traverse dangerous paths filled with ever changing death traps and path blocking puzzles where you have to use your powers (freezing time and moving objects) to get Ethan through. Seven Studio is shooting for about 50 levels in total, each with multiple paths leading to the end, allowing every caliber of gamer to be challenged, but not overwhelmed.

We should see this new and unique puzzler later this summer on PSN for the PS3, with high hopes of seeing it later released for the PS Vita, which it was originally designed for. Although the Vita version is not yet confirmed, it seems that it is definitely a die-hard goal of Seven Studios, as they have already stated: “IF we do a Vita version, it’ll of course be cross-buy.”

Source: PlayStation Blog (US)


The simplest fighting game ever, Divekick, coming to PSN

Divekick is a very strong technique, familiar from many fighting games. A character jumps in the air and dives down quickly feet first. Sometimes it dominates the whole game. Sometimes it is the whole game!

Started as an indie game parody of fighting games, Divekick‘s early versions gathered a very positive reaction after being showcased at competitive events. The game is played with only two buttons, one for jumping and one for divekicking. One hit is enough to empty the opponents whole life bar.

In spite of the simplicity and humor, there is legitimate competitive depth to Divekick. It could be considered to be a fighting game at its purest; it is very simple to get into, but you will need strategy, good reactions and a lot of patience to triumph.

Iron Galaxy, a developer best known for remastering several of Capcom’s classic fighting games, has now joined in to the development of the game to bring the full version to PSN. No release date has been announced as of now.


Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD remasters bundled together on PS3, coming to the West this year

Final Fantasy X and its direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2 will be released on the PS3 as Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster bundle, sometime later this year. Square Enix has also announced that the Playstation Vita versions of the HD remasters will be sold separately.

Both remasters are based on the “International Versions” of the original games, which means they will include features, such as new superboss enemies and equipment, previously unavailable in some regions.

Check out the screenshot gallery after the jump to see the new touched up character models and textures!

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Rocketbirds now 40% on PSN

Ratloop Asia’s indie title, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is now available for a paltry (poultry?) 40% off for the PS Vita. If you haven’t experienced the cinematic platform adventure game, now is you chance. There is plenty about this title to be excited about and for $5.99 for PS Plus members and $7.19 for everyone else; it is well worth the price of admission.

The PS Vita version sports tilting screens, Adhoc and Online Co-op and two difficulty settings. The PS Vita version also takes advantage of OLED screen with enhanced graphics. Several chapters have been supped up to improve over all game experience.

The music of the sci-fi rock band New World Revolution adds to the surreal and comical feel of this original title from Ratloop Asia. Available, now!


Call of Juarez: Gunslinger trailer released


Much like Tomb Raider, Devil May Cry and Sly Cooper, there are some IP’s that have remained resilient through some very tough times. But none of these have endured the hell of criticism that the Call of Juarez has. Developer Techland and publisher Ubisoft are returning to the much missed roots of the series this year with Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Check out the trailer after the jump to see first footage of gameplay and screenshots. Read the rest of this entry »


Indie gem Lone Survivor coming to PS3 & Vita


A title that caused quite a stir last year for all the right reasons was a horror indie game called Lone Survivor. The title comes from the Superflat Games and the mind of Jasper Byrne who states “it’s a game very personal to me that took almost seven years to get right.  I guess you could call it a blend of ‘Lynchian’ psychological horror, point’n’click adventure mechanics and a virtual pet-like ‘physical and mental survival simulation’ – the idea being that how you choose to survive is up to you.”

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Snoop, Kung-Fu combine for Way of the Dogg

Blaxploitation and a Mystical Snoop Dogg serve as the center piece to the new rhythm-action combat game, Way of the Dogg. 505 Games and Echo Peak announce the new title for XBLA, PSN, iOS and Android later this year.

Way of the Dogg is the first true gamification of my music,” said Snoop Dogg. It also brings Snoop’s journey of his personal reincarnation as Snoop Lion. The story of his journey as Snoop Lion is further unraveled by the his new album, REINCARNATED, set to release April 23rd.

Way of the Dogg combines classic Kung-Fu, Snoop’s soundtrack and Echo Peaks music game experience to deliver an interesting take on a multi-genre title.

Find out more about Way of the Dogg at www.wayofthedogg.com.

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