European PlayStation Store having minor issues

If you have recently logged into the European PlayStation Store, you might have noticed the ‘New this week’ tab is still showing last weeks drop. If you look for the new releases by name via ‘search’, you will find them in all their glory, just waiting to be downloaded. Apparently although these titles can be found and purchased, it is being reported that some games are still unplayable.

Double Dragon Neon is apparently one of these games, you can download the Demo, but it won’t unlock after purchase, leaving you with an overpriced demo. Another odd reporting is that LittleBigPlanet for the PS Vita can be purchased and downloaded, but not played and when attempting to re-download, it charges them for the game a second time. Thus charging you for multiple copies of a game you can’t play.

No one here at PSN Fans has had these problems happen, but we would highly advise just waiting for the PlayStation Store to fully update before trying to make any ‘new’ purchases.

Source: The Six Axis


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