MotorStorm RC Crashing into March, DLC Revealed

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The MotorStorm series may be best known for its big vehicles and even bigger crashes, but Evolution Studios plans on diversifying the brand with MotorStorm RC. This remote-controlled racer, playable on both PlayStation Vita and PS3, just received a release date of March 6 today through the PlayStation Blog.

Have both systems and can’t decide which to play it on? No worries, as a single $10 purchase will unlock both versions of the game, which includes eight vehicle types and dozens of events to race in. Many of the tracks are locations that have appeared in previous MotorStorm titles, such as Monument Valley, Pacific Ridge, Arctic Edge, and a city besieged by the Apocalypse.

In terms of game modes, RC brings Drift, Pursuit, and Hot Lap to the table. Drift only focuses on power-sliding, Pursuit challenges players to race from last to first quickly, and Hot Lap is an adrenaline-filled race against the clock. Festival mode also makes its return, alongside the standard Time Attack and Free Play options. Online competitive racing, along with leaderboards, will make an appearance, too.

Sounds great, right? Well, that’s not all, greedy gamers. According to Spong, the trophy list for the title has revealed two expansion packs – Pro-Am Festival and the Carnival Festival – that will add a total of 40 extra stages. The dates and pricing should be officially announced soon.

Everything above, minus the DLC, can be purchased for one easy payment of $9.99. Look for it on PSN March 6.

Source: Shack News 



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