Multiplayer Gems You Probably Missed: Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars

Most gamers clamour to Xbox LIVE or PCs for their multiplayer fix. When you think of multiplayer games you think Call of Duty, Battlefield, World of Warcraft, Smash Bros. – or in terms of PlayStation exclusives Uncharted, Killzone and Resistance. But what about some of the more smaller, genre-defying experiences? Well, we here at PSN Fans have you covered in our new feature series Multiplayer Gems You Probably Missed. This article’s focus: Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.

What It Is
If the Micro-Machines and FIFA series were to have somehow made sweet, tender love without the proper precautions, this game would be the result. Put simply, it’s car soccer. Teams of players are pitted against each other in an arena of two goals – one red, one blue – and having to drive small-cars while smashing a giant ball into the opposing team’s goal. Players can supersonically boost, flip and demolish their way to victory in up to 4v4 matches with other humans or the CPU.

What Makes It Special
Apart from the ridiculous (but ultimately genius) premise, the game falls into the easy-to-learn/hard-to-master formula of game design. With the online space being saturated with FPS and gritty action games, SARPBC is an amazingly clean breath of fresh air. While at first some may be hesitant to play with everyone’s screens flashing with mayhem, once you have the controller in your hands it all makes sense – it’s kind of like the simplistic control of a Mario Kart game. And when you’re playing with four people locally, it’s guaranteed to to make everyone in the room crowd around and laugh or moan every few seconds of play.

How’s The Offline Stuff?
Apart from all previously mentioned multiplayer aspects also available offline, the game also features extensive challenges to unlock extra cars and paint jobs. Each of the twenty missions available offer up to five stars of completion, depending on how well you do. The missions help hone your skills in the game with defensive, offensive and maneuverability challenges so that you can take your abilities to the online big leagues. There is even a tournament mode featuring thirteen rounds to beat, which again offer up to five star ranks.

Why Should I Get It?
If driving  a mini at supersonic speed, trying to smash a massive ball around a court while up to seven other players try to do the same thing doesn’t appeal to you, then I don’t know what will. The game’s visuals are reminiscent of classic kart racers with vibrant colours and insane antics happening all over the place. The game is best played with three others sharing your couch, but you can always take to the online realm too and strut your stuff there. Oh, and if you make an amazing play or shot then don’t worry, the game has you covered: just save the replay and you can either upload the clip straight to YouTube or save it your PS3′s XMB (cross media bar).

The game costs $10US/$15.95AU/EUR €9.99 and there is a demo available to give it a crack if you’re still unsure. Or better yet, check out the trailer to see what this game is capable of.


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