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Terraria is heading to Vita


Just last week Terraria launched on PSN for the Playstation 3 but 505 Games didn’t want to keep all the fun to console crowd so they made a little announcement; Terraria will be releasing on the Vita this summer. The Vita version will feature 8 player online multiplayer as well as leaderboards and trophies, which is great news for all.

Tim Woodley, Head of Global Brand at 505 Games said, “We’re all huge fans of Terraria and have been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received from the existing community since we began working with the property, and it’s been amazing to see how many of those fans have been asking for a portable version ofTerraria so they can take their adventures with them on the go. The biggest challenge for us is how to give players the control they need to fully enjoy the experience and we’re really excited to explore the potential of the multiple input options that the PlayStation Vita affords us.”

Not to mention the praise that Shahid Ahmad, SCEE’s Senior Business Development Manager, had to say, “We are tremendously excited about bringing Terraria to PS Vita. It’s fantastic news for fans who have been begging for the game to be available on PS Vita and it’s fantastic news for us too, we are delighted about the addition to the platform. For us this is a real coup, the opportunity to bring such a loved game to one of our platforms is really exciting. We are also really confident about how much fans are going to love the PS Vita version; the touch screen will ensure a totally unique experience.”


THQ titles are vanishing from PSN


THQ has been selling off their franchises and studios recently but it appears the games aren’t out the woods yet. In fact their games seem to vanishing from the PSN Store. Over in Europe Red Faction has gone missing, while in North America Darksiders is unavailable for purchase the sequel is. There is no word if this is only a temporary disappearing or if they will be returning to the store once all sales have been finalized and can be reposted be their new owners. Here’s hoping for the latter but in case they don’t come back you might to pick up the remaining THQ games if you don’t already have them digitally.

Source: Explosion


Assassin’s Creed: Rising Phoenix is rumored for Vita


Assassin’s Creed: Rising Phoenix is rumored to be coming to the Vita thanks to the Spanish retailer XtraLife who posted supposed box art of the game for the handheld. Unfortunately, Ubisoft hasn’t come out yet and confirmed the existence of the title let alone it’s platform. But we remain hopeful since just last year Assassin’s Creed: Liberation released for the Vita as a companion to Assassin’s Creed 3 and we suspect the same can be said of this game and Black Flag.

Source: Digital Spy


The simplest fighting game ever, Divekick, coming to PSN

Divekick is a very strong technique, familiar from many fighting games. A character jumps in the air and dives down quickly feet first. Sometimes it dominates the whole game. Sometimes it is the whole game!

Started as an indie game parody of fighting games, Divekick‘s early versions gathered a very positive reaction after being showcased at competitive events. The game is played with only two buttons, one for jumping and one for divekicking. One hit is enough to empty the opponents whole life bar.

In spite of the simplicity and humor, there is legitimate competitive depth to Divekick. It could be considered to be a fighting game at its purest; it is very simple to get into, but you will need strategy, good reactions and a lot of patience to triumph.

Iron Galaxy, a developer best known for remastering several of Capcom’s classic fighting games, has now joined in to the development of the game to bring the full version to PSN. No release date has been announced as of now.


Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD remasters bundled together on PS3, coming to the West this year

Final Fantasy X and its direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2 will be released on the PS3 as Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster bundle, sometime later this year. Square Enix has also announced that the Playstation Vita versions of the HD remasters will be sold separately.

Both remasters are based on the “International Versions” of the original games, which means they will include features, such as new superboss enemies and equipment, previously unavailable in some regions.

Check out the screenshot gallery after the jump to see the new touched up character models and textures!

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Machinarium coming to PS Vita on March 26th


The highly acclaimed indie adventure game, Machinarium, is about to be released on Playstation Vita as soon as 26th of this month. This new version will not only include all the improvements introduced in the PS3 version, such as zooming and magnetic hotspots, but also adds better zooming and control, using Vita’s touch capabilities. Another new feature is the leaderboard that records the time spend on your adventure and stacks it up against all the other players.

If you still haven’t gotten your hands on Machinarium, this seems like as good a chance as any. Better, in fact, since Vita’s touch controls will definitely complement a point ‘n’ click adventure game perfectly.

Source: Playstation.Blog


Rocketbirds now 40% on PSN

Ratloop Asia’s indie title, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is now available for a paltry (poultry?) 40% off for the PS Vita. If you haven’t experienced the cinematic platform adventure game, now is you chance. There is plenty about this title to be excited about and for $5.99 for PS Plus members and $7.19 for everyone else; it is well worth the price of admission.

The PS Vita version sports tilting screens, Adhoc and Online Co-op and two difficulty settings. The PS Vita version also takes advantage of OLED screen with enhanced graphics. Several chapters have been supped up to improve over all game experience.

The music of the sci-fi rock band New World Revolution adds to the surreal and comical feel of this original title from Ratloop Asia. Available, now!


Dead or Alive 5+ is almost here


Dead or Alive 5+, developed by Team Ninja, is battling its way to stores everywhere on March 19th. The game is a port of the PS3 remake that was done back in September of last year. This port was no simple job however since a ton of features have been added such as the game’s new mode “Tough Fight”. This mode allows players to play from a first-person point of view and tap the touch screen to hit their opponents. Two other modes, an enhanced Tutorial and “Combo Challenge”, have also been added. Both modes allow players to perfect each individual character so that fights end in your favor more often.

The game will have cross-play and cross-save which is fantastic news. If you have never played a Dead or Alive game before or hesitant on picking this one up then fear not. A demo will be released on the PSN Store very very soon. The demo will have online play with four characters available and anything unlocked during the demo can be transfered over to the full version of the game. We look forward to finally getting our hands on the game.

Source: Fanbolt


Call of Juarez: Gunslinger trailer released


Much like Tomb Raider, Devil May Cry and Sly Cooper, there are some IP’s that have remained resilient through some very tough times. But none of these have endured the hell of criticism that the Call of Juarez has. Developer Techland and publisher Ubisoft are returning to the much missed roots of the series this year with Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Check out the trailer after the jump to see first footage of gameplay and screenshots. Read the rest of this entry »


Indie gem Lone Survivor coming to PS3 & Vita


A title that caused quite a stir last year for all the right reasons was a horror indie game called Lone Survivor. The title comes from the Superflat Games and the mind of Jasper Byrne who states “it’s a game very personal to me that took almost seven years to get right.  I guess you could call it a blend of ‘Lynchian’ psychological horror, point’n’click adventure mechanics and a virtual pet-like ‘physical and mental survival simulation’ – the idea being that how you choose to survive is up to you.”

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