Pid promises precision platforming on October 31

Prepare for a shift in gravity. Indie developers Might and Delight announced that Pid (Planet In Distress) will finally be released on October 31 for XBLA and Steam, PSN later this year. Pricing estimated at $9.99. The game places the players character, a young boy, on a unique journey after being stranded on a strange planet. The boy (or boys if you play co-op) travels across a multitude of areas trying to find a way back home. Visually it is a vibrant game that uses flavorful platforming and puzzle solving to capture the imagination of the player. Pid encourages and inspires a sense of whimsical excitement.

Might and Delight promises that Pid will offer a variety different ways to solve puzzles and traverse the alien world. Using the “core feature” of the game you not can only affect your character’s movement,  but also your enemies. Change gravity to manipulate machines and redefine the field of play. Game mechanics aside, Pid promises to place the player into a lush, stark and even terrifying world. Pid also benefits from a soundtrack designed by Retro Family, a small group of musicians who design tailor made music for games, movies and theater.

Might and Delight are best known for Bionic Commando: Rearmed, though the core team has also worked on Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield and Killzone. Founded in 2010, the group works hard to break the mold, putting thoughtfulness above the norm.



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