PixelJunk 4am: details and release date revealed

PixelJunk 4am is a new twist on the music game genre, making you and your Move controller the only input you’ll need. What’s been achieved is a music making game, where you literally pull the music out of the air all around you. Using the Move controller you will feel for vibrations in the “canvas” around your body; these vibrations are different music samples that you can grab and throw into your track. Using the different colors of the Move you will have four instruments to manipulate and control to your liking.

Along with PixeJunk 4am will be the Viewer, where you can see the tracks that have been made by other users or even watch music events hosted live from around the world. Using the Move controller you can start, stop, slow down and speed up any one of the four tracks you have running. You can also single out a specific track, fading away all tracks but the one you have chosen, and even record your Move motions allowing you to use it as a looped track in your song. PixelJunk 4am is not a solo affair either: you will be able to play with a friend using a second Move device controlling the music together or use the Viewer to watch what your friends are watching.

The game isn’t stopping there though, as it’s also capable of being used as a stand alone music player for your MP3s, incorporating its visual player to to accompany your beats. Starting May 1 the visual viewer will be available for beta download to all PlayStation Plus members and a full beta of the game will be available to a handful of Plus subscribers. Make sure to check out the video above for a small demonstration of how PixelJunk 4am works, and we will be back soon with all the details on how to sign-up for the beta.

Source: US PlayStation Blog


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