PlayStation Vita Adding Three Free Applications

You may not know this,  but your handy dandy PlayStation Vita does much more than just display games on its 5”OLED screen. There’s a plethora of features to play with, and now you can look forward to three new applications coming to the Vita that will expand what the shiny, little handheld can do.

Arriving on April 18 is Paint Park, which transforms the Vita into a vibrant sketch book. You can create both quick doodles as well as detailed pieces of art with the virtual markers, and all of your work can be shared with friends. Competing with five other Vita owners in the online multiplayer via the Ad Hoc mode is also an option.

Treasure Park will be available in time for summer, which will let players create and share unique puzzles. It’s all about stumping friends with the most dubious of riddles, all of which can be found and played through the use of the Near application. Wake-Up Club, an alarm clock that can sync up with other Vita users who set an alarm for the same time, will also make a summer appearance.

Look for Paint Park tomorrow on the PlayStation Vita, as well as Treasure Park and Wake-Up Club in the coming months.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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