PSNFans’ PlayStation Vita Wish List

The PlayStation Vita launched just a few weeks ago, and we’re still enjoying the plethora of launch games available. But what about the months ahead? We know May has Resistance: Burning Skies and June has Gravity Rush, but Sony and developers have been secretive about the months after June. So PSNFans has compiled a list with games that we want to play on the Vita. Maybe, just maybe, Sony and its development partners will listen.

Disclaimer: The games below are games that have yet to be announced, so games like Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, BioShock, etc. will not be included on this list.



Who wouldn’t love a new inFAMOUS experience for Vita? We won’t consider Street Fighter X Tekken, due out this fall for the Vita, as an inFAMOUS game, even if it does include Cole McGrath. To use the unique functionality of the Vita, the back touch could be used for some of Cole’s powers. Sucker Punch is one heck of a developer, so if, in fact, an inFAMOUS game is in the pipeline, it will have console impact on a handheld screen.


We have not had a Skate game since early 2010, and it’s time EA brings back the franchise. We may also want Skate 4 for our home consoles but EA and Black Box could flesh out the franchise with a Vita release. Sure, there were Skate games on the Nintendo DS and iOS, but they wouldn’t hold a candle to an HD, touchscreen Vita version.

The Vita version could easily use the back touchpad. On the home console versions you use the right stick to perform tricks, using your finger on the back touchpad to perform said tricks would work out just as well.

Need for Speed

The annual racing franchise from EA seems like a shoe in for receiving a Vita release, but what exactly will it be? Although EA has yet to unveil this year’s NFS game, it’s more than likely coming from Criterion Games, the makers of the Burnout series and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit from 2010. Will the Vita version just be a port of the home console version? While some of us would gladly accept that, it would be better if Vita owners got a more unique experience.

Resident Evil

Capcom has, count them, three Resident Evil games releasing this year. We say make it four by adding a title to the PlayStation Vita library. We probably won’t see a Resident Evil game release for the Vita until 2013 at the earliest, but sometimes it’s nice to dream. The two analog sticks would work well on third-person handheld shooter (without add-on peripheral like the 3DS needed for Revelations).

Grand Theft Auto

Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories for the PSP are two of the best games for that platform, and we know Grand Theft Auto V is due out for home consoles within the next year, so this seems like a no-brainer for a mid-to-late 2013 release. The real question is: Would consumers be happy with better versions of the aforementioned PSP games, or does RockStar need to make a unique Vita experience? We would gladly take both, as the PSP games were so darn good, but with the tech that the Vita packs, a unique GTA game on the Vita could help sales tremendously.


It’s already on the 3DS, so making a Skylanders game for the Vita seems possible. And with Skylanders Giants releasing later this year, most of us would love to see a version for our new Sony handheld, as would many others (Giants are optional, but preferred). With Activision trying to make this their new franchise — and for the moment, successfully succeeding — we would all like to think a Vita version this October seems reasonable.

Mirror’s Edge

When DICE released Mirror’s Edge in November of 2008, it’s unique approach to platforming was heralded by critics but lacked accompanying commercial success. EA went on to release an iOS version, but we really want a Mirror’s Edge 2 (come on DICE). Vita owners would gladly take either a port of the original Mirror’s Edge or an HD version of the iOS release; the iOS version might actually be a great fit since it already uses a touchscreen for gameplay. With the Vita having a touchscreen and a back touchpad, it could make the game more unique on the platform.


Honestly, SuperGiant Games does not even have to do anything with this game (aside from, you know, the extensive coding work to port the game to a new platform). The Xbox 360 and PC versions are outstanding and now even award-winning. Even though it’s not out on the PlayStation 3 yet (fingers crossed), we would also gladly pay $10 or $15 just to be able to play Bastion on-the-go.

Tap Tap Revenge

Okay, it might just be us who wants this game on the Vita, but it could utilize both the front touchscreen and back touchpad exceptionally well. We will more than likely never see a Rock Band or Guitar Hero game on the Vita — even though the PSP and DS had their own versions. But Tap Tap Revenge would fit perfectly as a PSN download game for $5 or $7.


There are certain games that would suit the PlayStation Vita perfectly; LIMBO is one of those games. Much like Bastion above, the unique art style and visuals of LIMBO would look absolutely stunning on the Vita’s OLED screen. The touchscreen could be used a great deal here. Instead of moving crates to help you maneuver around a level using the right stick, you could simply use the front touchscreen.



Of the games mentioned above, not all are likely and some will probably never happen, but that’s what hoping is all about. SONY is putting all its money on the table with the Vita, and after a successful first week with sales, it’s paying off. Some of the games on this list will help keep the Vita alive and well with added sales of the console. As an early adopter and avid fan of the Vita, I hope at least some of these games get made for the system, as do most of our writers. Let’s hope my optimism works out for once.

What not-yet-announced game(s) do you want to see come to the PlayStation Vita? Let us know in the comments below.


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