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“Free” Games Blow-Out Coming to Plus Members This Month

With E3 2012 in full swing, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA) Jack Tretton revealed at the Sony Press Conference that Plus members will be getting a bunch of titles throughout June at no extra charge. Tretton announced that twelve games will be available for download for Plus subscribers, however thirteen titles were actually shown at the presentation. Refer to the images above and below to count for yourself.

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PSN Weekly: February 29

This is a crazy week on the PlayStation Store, with huge sales and price drops all across the board. If you are a US PlayStation Plus member this is the week it finally pays off with over $120 worth of PSN games available for free.

The Euro store finally sees the release of several HD remakes in Cholifter HD and the Jak and Daxter Trilogy. The newly announced Killzone 3 Multiplayer launched almost everywhere and to entice you to play, the experience is free up ’till level 20.

Jump on in and see what else is new in the store….

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Choplifter HD Review

Giving retro games a new life on the current generation of hardware can be fantastic. There are plenty of wonderful titles from the past that deserve to be revitalized and introduced to a new audience, and PSN is a great platform to do just that. The original Choplifter was released in 1982 on the Apple II, and while it was later ported to arcades, it never received enough attention to be considered a classic. inXile Entertainment wants to mend this issue, though, as it’s delivered Choplifter HD in an attempt to grace fans with fond memories of the past while welcoming newcomers with a memorable experience up to today’s standards.

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Choplifter HD Releasing Next Week

Fans of the Shoot ‘em Up classic Choplifter should be happy to know that its reboot, Choplifter HD, will be coming to the PSN on January 10th and 11th.

Developed by inXile, the game looks to capture a similar addictive gameplay experience as the original, however there seems to be a substantial increase to overall content. The core objective of the game is to save hostages while defending yourself from enemy tanks, ground troops and anti-air weaponry. There is also a zombie level for those looking to shoot more undead, and cameos from games such as Super Meat Boy and Minecraft. Unfortunately Choplifter HD is a single-player game, with no mention of additional multiplayer content as yet. The game will cost $14.99.

Source: Gaming Age


Choplifter HD has a landing date

Recently on there Facebook page, it was revealed that Choplifter Hd finally has an official release date. The date says January 11, 2012, but it is safe to assume we will see it Jaunuary 10th as the 11th is a Wednesday. This remake is completely inspired by the original and it shows, but inspired is the key word. Although they stick with the original side scrolling style, it is immediately noticeable in the above gameplay trailer, that you exist in a fully 3D world. As the release date flies closer, make sure to keep checking back as we bring you ll the final details.

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