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Double Dragon Neon review (PSN)

Double Dragon Neon was developed by WarForward Technologies and published by Majesco. It was released September 11, 2012 in for $9.99. A copy of the game was provided for review purposes.

By now, almost everyone knows of the infamous Double Dragon duo, twin brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee. For those who grew up with this series on the original 8 bit Nintendo Entertainment System, the franchise is remembered as an elbow throwing good time. Who can forget the first time they saw Marian get punched in the gut or that moment when the massive Abobo came busting through a wall. Double Dragon Neon takes every measure to recapture these moments and feelings.

In this new rebirth of the series, WayForward Technologies pays homage the best way possible: blaten flattery. Taking everything you love about the original three games, wrapping it in a shiny new skin and injecting it with a huge shot of 80′s nostalgia. Adding in elements of RPG with the mixtape system, all new boss’s and as always a damsel in distress and we are ready to travel back in time.

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New Double Dragon Neon trailer shows off high-fiving co-op action

WayForward Technologies brings us a new, mullet filled, high-fiving, neon glow infused trailer. Showing off some the great team-up moments that you can have with Jimmy and Billy Lee. They also introduce us to many of the cast that makes up Skullmagedons army. Oh and of course they show off the beautiful Marian, who makes all of these adventures possible.


European PlayStation Store having minor issues

If you have recently logged into the European PlayStation Store, you might have noticed the ‘New this week’ tab is still showing last weeks drop. If you look for the new releases by name via ‘search’, you will find them in all their glory, just waiting to be downloaded. Apparently although these titles can be found and purchased, it is being reported that some games are still unplayable.

Double Dragon Neon is apparently one of these games, you can download the Demo, but it won’t unlock after purchase, leaving you with an overpriced demo. Another odd reporting is that LittleBigPlanet for the PS Vita can be purchased and downloaded, but not played and when attempting to re-download, it charges them for the game a second time. Thus charging you for multiple copies of a game you can’t play.

No one here at PSN Fans has had these problems happen, but we would highly advise just waiting for the PlayStation Store to fully update before trying to make any ‘new’ purchases.

Source: The Six Axis


PlayStation Store update: Week of September 10

This week we see a huge update in the digital store. Starting with a massive PSone Classics update for PS Vita, adding a whopping 20 “new” titles. As for PSN games, we see the release of the long awaited Double Dragon Neon, the first completely new title in the series since 1995. Anomaly Warzone Earth, a unique “tower offense” game, where you take on the role of the attackers and can actually play co-op with a buddy. As for the PS3 scene, we see the release of FIFA Street (2012) and Max Payne 3, which latter of which is actually on-sale at the moment. Make sure to check out the rest of the post for all this weeks releases, sales, price drops and PlayStation Plus updates.

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Weekly news catch-up: September 3, 2012

We here at PSN Fans love news: release dates, gameplay trailers, hardware details… You name it. However we can’t always report on everything that trickles out of the news machine, which is where Weekly News Catch-Up comes in. Here we cover some of the stories that didn’t make it to the front page the first time around.

Games on tap this week: Double Dragon Neon, Zen Pinball, Plants Vs Zombies, The Unfinished Swan, Grand Theft Auto III

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Double Dragon: Neon Announced and Dated

WayForward, the developer behind recent reboots like A Boy and His Blob and Contra 4, will try its hand at the now ancient beat ‘em up genre with Double Dragon: Neon.

The Lee brothers will be returning for the continuation of this beloved franchise, and they’ll have put their fists to a multitude of faces to save Marian from a villain named Skullmageddon. This side-scrolling adventure will play similarly to previous 2D games in the series’ past, where weapons and martial arts are necessary for success. Both the visuals and music stick to a cheesy, 80s style that many fans will appreciate, while the tongue-in-cheek humor may even grab some gamers who’ve never heard of the franchise.

Look for Majesco and WayForward’s Double Dragon: Neon to hit PSN this July.

Source: IGN

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