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Dungeon Defenders: The Quest for the Lost Eternia shards comes to an end

For those of you who have been waitning for this epic saga to come to a conclusion, the wait is finally over.

The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part IV: Sky City is nw available on the PlayStation network for $4 (USD). This new DLC adds a lot of excitement to the game, bringing you a new campaign mission, a new challenge mission called “Boss Rush”, a new pet and tons of new weapons and accessories. That’s not all, if you own all four parts of the Eternia Shards, you will also get a new bonus mission and content that brings this tale to an end. On top of all that, the level cap has been raised to 90 and an “Ultimate Loot” tier has been added. And just when you thought we were done bringing you all the new information, there’s more. They’ve also added new full set bonuses, costumes, “super-secret unlocks” and trophies.

So grab your controller, gather your buddies and get ready to become a Legendary Defender!

Check out the new screenshots


New Dungeon Defenders DLC Available Now

Dungeon Defenders has seen quite a bit of success on the PlayStation Network, and developer Trendy Entertainment is ready to provide more adventures. The Quest for Lost Eternia Shards Part III: Aquanos sends the defenders into a deep underwater metropolis where they’ll fight all sorts of new aquatic monsters. The DLC adds a campaign mission, challenge mission, PvP battleground, and a number of new weapons and items, all for $3.99. Be sure to check the screenshots after the break.

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Weekly News Catch-Up: April 29th

We here at PSN Fans love news: release dates, gameplay trailers, hardware details… You name it. However we can’t always report on everything that trickles out of the news machine, which is where Weekly News Catch-Up comes in. Here we cover some of the stories that didn’t make it to the front page the first time around.

On tap this week: game release “windows”, ratings, DLC and rumours.

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Candy, girls, and pinball this week on PSN *UPDATE*

This week we see quite a line up, first up we have Skullgirls an all lady beat’em up that comes with all the fixings. Right along side it is the new quirky game World Gone Sour, taking us on an interesting journey trying to get to the human stomach. We also see some classic pinball tables come back to life in FarSights new game, The Pinball Arcade. See the full list of what you can find in the PlayStation store just after the break.

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The Simpsons Arcade tops the PSN sales chart for February

Well another month of amazing PSN gaming has gone by and we have seen lots of gaming. Last month we saw the likes of The Simpsons Arcade take top on the charts, followed by Gotham City Impostors in second. Although a few full PS3 games made an appearance like Mass Effect 2, the top 20 was definitely dominated by PSN games like Shank 2, and even old School Castle Crashers holding a place.

Top 20:

01. The Simpsons Arcade
02. Gotham City Impostors
03. The House of the Dead III
04. Shank 2
05. NFL Blitz
06. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition
07. inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood
08. Grand Theft Auto IV
09. Jak and Daxter Collection
10. Real Steel
11. Sonic CD
12. Madden NFL 12
13. Resident Evil 4
14. Mass Effect 2
15. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
16. Shadow of the Colossus
17. Castle Crashers
18. Worms Ultimate Mayhem
19. PAYDAY: The Heist
20. Dungeon Defenders

Source: US PlayStation Blog


Vote for PSN Game of the Year

Everyone has awards and Sony is no different. For the first time you can help by voting for one of the three finalist Sony titles. First out of the three options is Limbo, an interesting black and white platform puzzler from Danish developer Playdead. Next up is Dungeon Defenders, Trendy Entertainment’s bright and fluid mix of RPG and Tower Defense. Last, but not least, we have PixelJunk Shooter 2 from Q-Games which is a 2D space style shooter in which you take control of a Hungry Suit, fighting your way out of dark caves and angry monster innards.

In case that warm fuzzy feeling you get from voting just isn’t enough, when you vote, you will receive a voucher for a free theme redeemable via the PlayStation store. So what are you waiting for? Get on over to the PlayStation site and vote!


Free Dungeon Defenders DLC in Europe

After some delay, Trendy Entertainment is happy to announce that The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 1: Mistymire Forest, is now available to download on the European Playstation Network. This is the first of four DLC packs planned for Dungeon Defenders, adding new maps, weapons, enemies and challenges that will help expand the experience. All this can be your’s at the low, low price of free – that’s right, FREE. Just Trendy and Sony’s way of saying thank you for your loyalty and patience.

If you already have Dungeon Defenders, then get this new expansion now. If not, watch the awesome trailer above and then grab this amazing game!

Source: Press release


Dungeon Defenders Receives Hefty Patch

Dungeon Defenders, the fantasy tower defense title that mixes in a healthy dose of action RPG, has received a sizable patch on both  consoles. According to a topic on the Trendy Entertainment forums, there will be both universal updates as well as console specific patches that address certain issues exclusive to PSN and XBLA. The community manager shared the full list with the world via a forum post.

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Dungeon Defenders Finds Success, Hits One Million Downloads

Dungeon Defenders, the action tower defense game that released last October to unexpectedly high praise, has just hit a sales milestone. In a recent interview with Joystiq, the game’s publisher revealed that its indie darling has reached one million downloads across PSN, XBLA and Steam. This success wasn’t achieved without a little post-release support, though, as varying discounts and solid DLC have kept Dungeon Defenders at the front of many digital marketplaces.

Reverb Publishing and Trendy Entertainment aren’t quite done with their downloadable hit. Other than an upcoming Vita release, Dungeon Defenders still has three planned DLC packs to deliver to the hungry public (in addition to the already released and successful ”The Lost Eternia Shards: Mistymire Forest” DLC). More information on the latest content for the title should be hitting soon.

Source: Gamespot

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