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Colors and music abound in the upcoming title Proteus

Proteus Custome Logo

Proteus is a game of limited explanation, created by Ed Key and David Kanaga. According to the official website it [Proteus] is a game of “pure exploration and discovery…with a reactive ambient soundtrack.” Although they don’t explain to much about the game, one look at Proteus and it is obvious that their is nothing else quite like it.

Each play through will last for all four seasons of the year, causing your surroundings to constantly change around you. One of the unique parts of Proteus is that everything in the game is procedurally generated. What does that mean you ask, it means that every time you start a new game the world will be completely different. Another fun aspect to the game is everything in the world has its own musical note or instrument if you will, that will allow it “alter” the soundtrack it their own way.

Other than having a few weapons, an amazing soundtrack and being set in a “dream like world” Proteus is somewhat wrapped in shrouds of mystery. No release date or even release window yet, but we do know that when it does release it will be a Cross Buy game allowing you to snag it up for both the PS3 and the Ps Vita for one simple price.

Source: PlayStation Blog (US)


The simplest fighting game ever, Divekick, coming to PSN

Divekick is a very strong technique, familiar from many fighting games. A character jumps in the air and dives down quickly feet first. Sometimes it dominates the whole game. Sometimes it is the whole game!

Started as an indie game parody of fighting games, Divekick‘s early versions gathered a very positive reaction after being showcased at competitive events. The game is played with only two buttons, one for jumping and one for divekicking. One hit is enough to empty the opponents whole life bar.

In spite of the simplicity and humor, there is legitimate competitive depth to Divekick. It could be considered to be a fighting game at its purest; it is very simple to get into, but you will need strategy, good reactions and a lot of patience to triumph.

Iron Galaxy, a developer best known for remastering several of Capcom’s classic fighting games, has now joined in to the development of the game to bring the full version to PSN. No release date has been announced as of now.


Thomas Was Alone, coming soon to Vita & PS3


Unable to anticipate the success and admiration his quirky, minimalistic platformer would receive on Mac and PC, independent developer Mike Bithell has partnered with Bossa Studios and Curve Studios to bring his indie darling, Thomas Was Alone to the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Vita later this year. Read the rest of this entry »


Grasshopper Manufacture Offering Five Indie Games to Plus Members

There are plenty of young, talented developers out there who don’t quite get the exposure they deserve. Sometimes it’s tough to get noticed without a big name, but thanks to Grasshopper Manufacture, five submissions from its Game Campus Festa student development program will soon be playable on the Vita.

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Puddle Making a Splash Next Week

Puddle, a student product that won a Showcase prize at the Independent Gaming Festival at GDC 2010, has been given a release date for PSN, January 25, 2012. That’s the day we can all expect to play this liquid-based puzzler where players must guide different liquids through a series of challenging courses. There are heat beams to avoid and electric currents to dodge all by tilting the environment correctly. This can either be done with a controller, or through the use of PlayStation’s motion mechanisms. That’s right – environments can be tilted with both the PlayStation Move and Sixaxis controller. No matter how you play it, though, Puddle looks like a brilliant little title that shows off what student developers can achieve. Don’t let it spill over into February – give it a look next week.

Sources: Konami Blog UK


Music shooter Beat Hazard Ultra is PSN-bound

Beat Hazard Ultra, an upgraded version of Beat Hazard by Steve Hunt, currently available on both Steam and XBL Indie Games, will be arriving on PSN this September. Read the rest of this entry »

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