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Killzone Mercenary: a “portable Killzone 3″ says dev

In an interview with Polish magazine PSX Extreme (via Examiner), Sony Computer Entertainment studio Guerilla Cambridge has suggested that their upcoming PlayStation Vita game Killzone: Mercenarywill be the best-looking game on the handheld. Read the rest of this entry »


Summer Sale Heats Up PSN This Week

If you’re looking for something to play this week, and want to save a bit of money as well, Sony has you covered. The Summer Sale will last this week only, but it offers a wide array of titles on the cheap, with PlayStation Plus members saving even more.

The games offered are mostly PSN titles, but also include some inFamous DLC and even the PS2 classic Shadow of the Colossus. Check after the break for a full list of sale items and prices.

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PSN Weekly: February 29

This is a crazy week on the PlayStation Store, with huge sales and price drops all across the board. If you are a US PlayStation Plus member this is the week it finally pays off with over $120 worth of PSN games available for free.

The Euro store finally sees the release of several HD remakes in Cholifter HD and the Jak and Daxter Trilogy. The newly announced Killzone 3 Multiplayer launched almost everywhere and to entice you to play, the experience is free up ’till level 20.

Jump on in and see what else is new in the store….

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Killzone 3 Multiplayer Headed to PSN as Free Download

After spending a year in the hands of gamers and on retail shelves, Sony has announced that Killzone 3′s expansive multiplayer feature will be available for download on the PlayStation Store.

This news came via the newest episode of the Official PlayStation Blogcast, where it was confirmed that all of the featured Killzone 3 maps would be playable. The only true downside to this free-to-play version of the game is a lack of single player and a level cap. However, a $14.99US payment will unlock the full skill tree.

Source: IGN

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