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US PlayStation Store Update for 5/15

There are quite a variety of new releases to look for on the PlayStation Store this week. To start there’s Q Games’ latest release PixelJunk 4AM, a music game which utilizes the PlayStation Move. The experience has the developer’s signature style and unique feel, and is priced at $9.99.

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PSNFancast Episode 5 – I Like the Way You Move

It’s another week of news-editor madness, as Perry Jackson of XBLAFans.com and Australian Correspondent Angelo Valdivia join host Josiah Renaudin for the latest edition of the PSNFancast. PixelJunk 4am and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II are the most talked about new releases this week, which leads the crew on a journey down a pixelated memory lane. Datura is also broached, but the floating hand turns out to be just a little too creepy to dwell on.

Perry gets a chance to discuss all the independent games he recently saw at a Canadian event, including Sound Shapes for Vita and Retro City Rampage. More Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention is talked about now that Angelo has purchased the game for his Vita , but it doesn’t take long before the news of the world grabs the spotlight. The group then talks about the differences and advantages between Move-required and Move-enhanced games, while a slew of listener questions close the show.

Check us out on Twitter (@PSNfans) for some great contests, and don’t forget to send us questions to be read on the next show! Tweet at us with PSN-related inquiries, as well as 140-character opinions on PixelJunk 4am for our “This Week’s Game” segment. Also check out the latest edition of the XBLA Fancast for even more audio goodness (after you finish this podcast, of course).



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PixelJunk Sale Dropping Tomorrow

In celebration of Q Games’ tenth (and the PixelJunk series’ fifth) anniversary, the entire PixelJunk library of games will be drastically marked down in price for a week starting tomorrow. Up until May 15th – which also sees the release of PixelJunk 4am - you can pick up Racers, Monsters, Eden and Shooter for just $1US. As for Shooter 2, SideScroller and the PSP’s Monsters Deluxe, those can be nabbed for half price.

The sale will be in effect once the Store updates on Tuesday afternoon. So far this announcement pertains to the US Store, but hopefully the European and Australian regions will see similar treatment. We’ll update if anything develops.

Source: PS Blog US


PixelJunk 4am Beta Available Now to PlayStation Plus Subscribers

PlayStation Plus subscribers get all the good stuff! If that’s what you’re thinking then it’s probably about time you pony up the cash for a subscription because the goodies will just keep on coming, the latest of which is the beta for Q-Games’ newest musical experiment.

The European PlayStation Blog has just announced that the PixelJunk 4am beta is now live and it’s only available to PS Plus members. The beta will include only one song and one visualizer for players to use to make their sweet, sweet music, a very small taste of what’s to come when the game launches in May. The beta is also coming to North America next week so look forward to that.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog


PSN Fancast Episode 2 – Undead Doritos

The PSN Fancast is back and in a big way! We’ve been out for a while, but you can now count on your source for the latest PSN previews, reviews, and news every week. Eddie Inzauto, Dan Crabtree, John Drawdy, and new host Josiah Renaudin start off the podcast with some discussion on The Walking Dead game, Bejeweled 3 and its relationship to Doritos, why House of the Dead 4 should be packaged with a movie theater, as well as other hot new releases.

What the team is playing, along with some crucial news on the future of the One Piece franchise, somehow leads the conversation to what the PlayStation Move is really used for. Lastly, episodic games are questioned on consoles.

Just a quick note: there is a slight audio issue at the beginning of the podcast. Due to technical difficulties, the first seven or eight minutes do not sound as crisp and clear as the remainder of the show. This is an issue that will be fixed in the next podcast. Thank you for your patience.

Check us out on Twitter (@PSNfans) for some great contests, and don’t forget to send us questions to be read on the next show! Tweet at us with PSN-related inquiries, as well as 140-character opinions on The Walking Dead for our “This Week’s Game” segment. Also check out the latest edition of the XBLA Fancast for even more audio goodness (after you finish this podcast, of course).



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PlayStation Store: Week of April 25

This week the PlayStation Store is crazy with a little bit of everything. Coming out in the US store we will be seeing classics like Darkstalkers 3 and Red Faction, you will also be receiving Bejeweled 3 which comes with two extra games: Zuma and Feeding Frenzy 2. Hitting the EU store this week is the first episode of The Walking Dead, a five part series, where you will fight for life and each decision matters as they carry over episode to episode. Bejeweled 3, Feeding Frenzy 2, MUD – FIM Motocross World Championship and Zuma all hit you digital shelves this week too, but not till Friday, April 27. Tons of DLC for Vita owners, and as we mentioned early this week the Skype app is now available for download. Make sure to check the full list after the jump for everything that will be hitting the store this week including PlayStaion Plus deals for May.

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PixelJunk 4am: details and release date revealed

PixelJunk 4am is a new twist on the music game genre, making you and your Move controller the only input you’ll need. What’s been achieved is a music making game, where you literally pull the music out of the air all around you. Using the Move controller you will feel for vibrations in the “canvas” around your body; these vibrations are different music samples that you can grab and throw into your track. Using the different colors of the Move you will have four instruments to manipulate and control to your liking.

Along with PixeJunk 4am will be the Viewer, where you can see the tracks that have been made by other users or even watch music events hosted live from around the world. Using the Move controller you can start, stop, slow down and speed up any one of the four tracks you have running. You can also single out a specific track, fading away all tracks but the one you have chosen, and even record your Move motions allowing you to use it as a looped track in your song. PixelJunk 4am is not a solo affair either: you will be able to play with a friend using a second Move device controlling the music together or use the Viewer to watch what your friends are watching.

The game isn’t stopping there though, as it’s also capable of being used as a stand alone music player for your MP3s, incorporating its visual player to to accompany your beats. Starting May 1 the visual viewer will be available for beta download to all PlayStation Plus members and a full beta of the game will be available to a handful of Plus subscribers. Make sure to check out the video above for a small demonstration of how PixelJunk 4am works, and we will be back soon with all the details on how to sign-up for the beta.

Source: US PlayStation Blog


PixelJunk 4am GDC Performance

[youtube width="625" height="344"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHKPZqTrhuQ[/youtube]

GDC has officially come to a close, as well as all of the various seminars and shindigs. Big develops got plenty of stage time, but certain smaller names, like Q-Games, also got some serious love. The previously announced kickoff party for PixelJunk 4am gave attendees a live performance of this musical experience.

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PixelJunk 4am Releasing in Spring, GDC Kickoff Party Next Week

Q-Games’ PixelJunk 4am, formally known as PixelJunk Lifelike, will make a splash with a free kickoff party during the Game Developers Conference next week. Fans won’t have to wait long for the full release either, as this beautiful title now has a spring release window.

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