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Post-Apocalyptic Fun Hitting the PlayStation Store This Week

This week is a huge post, not only will we be covering the releases for April 2, but we will be doing a catch up from what we missed last week as well. This week we’ll be seeing I Am Alive, an “end of the world” survival game, Wheels of Destruction, also set in a recovering world, pits drivers in a life or death battle with an FPS twist. That isn’t all: last week we had two Neo Geo classics, World Heroes and Shock Troopers launch alongside the long awaited, twice named and spiritual successor to the Mashed series, Wrecked: Revenge Revisited. Between what is new and what was missed there is plenty for everyone in this week’s PSN Store update/catch-up…

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April Gives Shank 2, Future Soldier Beta to Plus Members

Spring is in bloom, and with this glorious season comes flowers, sunshine and warm weather. If you’re like me though, spring just means better conditions to enjoy PlayStation Network games, and Plus subscribers have plenty to be excited about in the month of April.

Of the free games coming down the pipes, Shank 2 and Shift 2 Unleashed are the most popular and fully-featured titles. We here at PSN Fans have some high praise for Klei Games’ latest downloadable title, so it’s tough to argue against a free copy. Unleashed, on the other hand, packs the entire retail racing experience into a now free, digital package.

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The Simpsons Arcade tops the PSN sales chart for February

Well another month of amazing PSN gaming has gone by and we have seen lots of gaming. Last month we saw the likes of The Simpsons Arcade take top on the charts, followed by Gotham City Impostors in second. Although a few full PS3 games made an appearance like Mass Effect 2, the top 20 was definitely dominated by PSN games like Shank 2, and even old School Castle Crashers holding a place.

Top 20:

01. The Simpsons Arcade
02. Gotham City Impostors
03. The House of the Dead III
04. Shank 2
05. NFL Blitz
06. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition
07. inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood
08. Grand Theft Auto IV
09. Jak and Daxter Collection
10. Real Steel
11. Sonic CD
12. Madden NFL 12
13. Resident Evil 4
14. Mass Effect 2
15. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
16. Shadow of the Colossus
17. Castle Crashers
18. Worms Ultimate Mayhem
19. PAYDAY: The Heist
20. Dungeon Defenders

Source: US PlayStation Blog


Shank 2 Review

Shank 2

Shank 2 once again invites gamers to partake in the classic tradition of side-scrolling action in an interactive medium. Like its predecessor, Shank 2 does so in brutal, bloody, and mechanically refined fashion, guiding the player, as title hero Shank, through a series of stages designed to slightly increment each aspect of play from the previous game. With a forgettable story that only loosely ties the short adventure together, it’s almost difficult to differentiate between the two games while playing… until taking a deeper look into Shank 2‘s updated mechanics.

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PSN Weekly: February 20 (EU Update)

Formerly known as PSN Tuesday, nothing has changed here other than the name. With that out the way, we have a mass of releases coming at you this week. There is a little bit of everything; on the Vita we have recognizable series like Katamri, Dynasty Warriors and Plants vs Zombies as well as, new comers Army Corpse of Hell and Hustle Kings. Coming to PSN we have Mafia, Star Wars and even the anticipated Shank 2.

Sorry for the slip up folks, one of the reasons for changing this weekly feature was to incorporate the European and US releases into one post. As we are sure you noticed, that did not happen, but after a small flogging I am back to set things straight. The PlayStation Store (EU) this week is exploding at the seams; new PSN releases, game sales, minis and a ton PS2 Classics! So for the second time this week, come on in and see what’s new in the PlayStation Store:

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Free Shank Comic Available for Download

Shank, the 2D beat ‘em up that recently saw the release of a sequel, has also been given the comic book treatment. According to the game’s official website, the Shank comic has been created by popular demand to bridge the story gap between the first and second game.

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Take a look at Shank 2′s Survival Mode

Tomorrow’s the day, ladies and gentlemen. Shank 2 will be available on the PSN tomorrow, February 7, for $9.99 and as a last piece of info before the game hits, the developers over at Klei wanted to show players what the new Survival Mode is all about. The premise is simple: you and your partner will be in charge of protecting a certain number of supply depots from the hordes of enemies and bombers that intend to destroy them. In addition to the arsenal of weapons at your disposal, you’ll also be able to lay down traps for some crowd control around your depots. Check out the video below detailing the new mode.

Source: XBLA Fans


Jamie Cheng sheds a little light on Shank 2

Recently Jamie Cheng, creator of Klei Entertainment, recently sat down with Gamespot to discuss their upcoming game Shank 2. We get to learn quite a bit about the game, including some new features. Although Jamie Cheng states “features…that’s not what makes a game good”, in reference to how this is more about improvements over the already loved game.

Some of the noticeable changes are enemies no longer have a life bar; instead they flash red when close to death. You will now be able to counter enemies, denoted by an exclamation over their heads. There will of course be new weapons in the game, as well as the ability to pick up melee weapons dropped by the bad guys. Multiplayer also seems to be a major focus here as they have added a heavily strategy based survival mode and now using your points to purchase items from a menu that can be accessed on the fly during gameplay.

Source: Gamespot


Shank 2 takes us to The Docks

What we have here for you is a quick video of unedited gameplay from Shank 2, which is being developed Klei Entertainment. They show off quite a bit in this small segment, allowing to see some environmental kills and several melee weapons available around the stages. Another main focus seemed to be the combo system, which definitely appears to be in full working order. Shank 2 will be available for PSN on February 7, 2012, no confirmed word on price yet though we are pretty sure it will ring at at around $14.99.

Source: CGR Trailers


Shank 2 Gameplay Trailer

[youtube width="620" height="345"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pcuCGAZ9ws[/youtube]

Klei Entertainment’s sleeper hit of 2010, Shank, is getting a sequel in the form of Shank 2, coming sometime in Q1 of 2012.

The original was known for its fluidly animated style and cartoon-like violence, and this year’s following doesn’t seem to be shying away from that at all. Look forward to getting your hands on this romp over the next few months.

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