The Battle for Earth DLC Now Available for DC Universe Online

In a world of fantasy MMOs vying for millions of player’s dollars, SOE’s DC Universe Online went down the superhero route last year using the power of the PlayStation. If its free-to-play status and endless hours of content haven’t led you to download it from PSN yet, the newly released The Battle for Earth DLC pack may just do the trick.

An impressive amount of content is being offered in this DLC, including three Duos, an Alert, two Raids, new gear and rewards and Earth Powers that let you either deal sizable damage or play the Tank role. One of the most talked about Raids takes place in Themyscira, which is Wonder Woman’s home world. The Raid will force you and your friends to work together if you hope to defeat Brainiac’s Avatar of Magic.

The Battle for Earth ends with a final Brainiac clash, which sets up a new chapter for this long and exciting narrative. According to a hint from a member of the team, it looks like Future Lex Luthor and Future Batman will be two key players in the continuing story of this massively multiplayer experience.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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