Three New Games Announced for PlayStation Home

As far as updates go, PlayStation Home usually doesn’t offer anything exciting enough to grab the PSN users that have pretty much neglected Sony’s social gaming network. Is anyone going back there because of the new clothes, furniture, or living spaces? Probably not. Still, the three new games announced for Home might be reason enough to pop back in.

Cutthroat: Battle for Black Powder Cove

In Cutthroat: Battle for Black Powder Cove, players will form six 4-player teams, each with their own pirate ship. Players will assume the roles of either leader or gunner. Gunners man the cannons, aim, and shoot to their hearts’ content at enemy ships, while the leader steers the ship around the cove. The point of the game is locate enemy ships and sink them. Simple.

Cutthroat is a free-to-play game, but you can spend some real money to buy power-ups to give your team that little extra edge. This game is actually already up on PlayStation Home.

No Man’s Land

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No Man’s Land is a third-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic America. The game will feature a “Cover-to-Cover” system and the typical modes we come to expect from every multiplayer game: Team Deathmatch and Scavengers (which sounds a lot like Capture the Flag). A freemium model will be in place for gamers that want to spend the money to upgrade their weapons and armor. No Man’s Land will be out later this spring.



As the PlayStation Blog describes it, Mercia has “a high-fantasy narrative and gameplay elements that recount the most popular action RPGs of all time.” Sounds promising! The actual scope of the game is not exactly clear and other details about the game, such as price structure, are a bit scarce at the moment. Taking note of the comments, Mercia could potentially have a subscription-based model or stick with the freemium one like No Man’s Land. The game is slated for release this summer.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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